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Anarchy reigns as the clan leaders revolt, threatening the Chief's position within the tribe. Wildfires ravage the moors, settlers are starving and homeless, and wise woman, Meliora is no longer in favour.

Their fate is now in the hands of fickle and ambitious youngsters, who have sly agendas of their own.

Can they end the siege and retake control over the tin mines or will a vengeful leader prevail and slaughter Mel's entire family?

Brutal skirmishes, bloody rituals and heartbreaking underdogs in the fifth book of the series.

Start the adventure now.

Three Violent Clans.Two Deadly Rivals

One Struggle for Power



Three lying wives. Two fated slaves. One murdered leader.

It's 700BC and healer of the Dumnonii, Meliora, is devastated. Her favourite nephew is dead, poisoned by one of their own.

It’s a shameful way to kill a Chieftain, leaving Aebba the Wild to roam the Between Worlds until he is avenged. She knows the priests at the midsummer gathering will not allow him to pass into the Summerlands until the killer is brought to justice. With three manipulative widows pushing their sons forward to replace him, life in camp is fraught with danger. When a second body is discovered, Meliora knows that she could be next.

A neighbouring tribe have their sights set on plundering the Dumnoni tin mines. Against all vows of peace, they plan an attack for when they are at their most vulnerable. Can Meliora and her kin make it back from Stonehenge in time to defend their land and people?

Can she unmask the killer before they silence her for good?

Grab your copy now and immerse yourself in Late Bronze Age skirmishes and bloody rituals in the first of this tense and brutal historical thriller series.


Three crucial deals.

Two noble Phoenicians.

One lethal curse.

The Dumnonii are restless. Treacherous foes are preparing for attack along their borderlands and they have no way to forge new weapons.


Sent to trade across the ocean, Meliora and her nephew seize the chance to make a powerful new ally from distant lands. In return for his favour, they must guide him through enemy territories to the healing stones at the top of the world.


Drawn in by his educated ways and gentle charm, they embark upon a perilous mission to carry the wily Prince and his clay god to a ritual that could free him from a wicked curse.


Suspicion grows when these genteel foreigners reveal their strength and callous disregard for life. Has Meliora marked her nephew as an offering to their deities?

Join her in the quest of a lifetime as she navigates cultural clashes, brutal skirmishes and ritual slaughter in book two of the Tribes of Britain series.


Wise woman, Meliora is grief-stricken and angry. The camp is in chaos and more vulnerable than ever. Her nephews can't agree over how best to protect their people from imminent attack.

A deal made in haste with their allies from the top of the world could be their salvation or their downfall.

Have they opened their doors to friend or foe?

Can they defend themselves against such overwhelming odds?

Grab book three in the Tribes of Britain series and continue the journey into the brutal and thrilling lives of the Dumnonii.


Three Enemy Tribes.

Two Squabbling Chieftains.

One Shattered Skull.


Three Perilous Journeys.

Two Treacherous Captives.

One Dead Leader


Wise woman, Meliora blames herself. She did all she could to treat her nephew's fractured skull. How could she have known that it would leave him open to an evil spirit? 

His volatile mood swings and confusion leave her exhausted and upset. His raids into enemy territory risk their only chance to call a truce with their neighbours. Now her whole tribe's in danger. 

Can they rid him of his affliction and finally achieve a lasting peace?

Grab your copy now and continue the thrilling saga of the Dumnoni Tribe. 


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