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Amazing selflessness

sam nash, author, writer, Facebook writer's group, Writing prompts and critiques

I am always reluctant to ask for help. It harks back to the days at school when I was too timid to speak up during maths lessons. Having grasped the nettle, as it were, I recently forced myself to ask an incredible group of writers for assistance with some knotty bumps in researching my current WIP. This closed Facebook group sprang from a social thread created during the month long novel writing challenge, NaNoWriMo. Its primary function is to create a helpful, friendly atmosphere in which solitary writers can lend advice or opinion without fear of censure. In that, I can honestly say, it is an immense success. Its membership has reached a massive 1900, increasing daily.

The part I find most appealing, is that the administrators work tirelessly to make every member feel welcomed and valued. Members are reminded to encourage and foster talent within the group, making sanctions for transgressions rare. I am grateful to all those contributors who have found the time in their busy schedules to support one another in fulfilling various writing ambitions. I am also convinced that many of those members will achieve great success in their endeavours.


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