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Superhuman Genes

Are we just one gene expression away from having superpowers? Incredible advances in tracking neural pathways and isolating genes responsible for human attributes continues to surge ahead, making this premise lean farther from science fiction and closer to science fact. More and more traditional scientists are opening their minds to the possibility that emotional experiences may activate previously dormant genes.

A devastating emotional trauma may have an immediate effect on the sufferer, but can it also switch on genes that code for mental health as an inheritable trait? There are plenty of research studies into the epigenetics of inheritance, the results of which I eagerly await. What if their findings corroborate this theory? What if people who can predict when a telephone is going to ring, moments prior to the call, are encouraged to make predictions. What if their offspring can not only predict the calls, but also who is calling them? What if the general population stopped ridiculing those who report that pets can predict their homecoming, even when routines are abandoned?

There are crackpots and cuckoos out there, of course, but there are also highly qualified and respected scientists who are determined to prove the existence of a power greater than intuition. If you want to test your own intuitive abilities, you may wish to visit the website of Dr Rupert Sheldrake.

I wonder how many people stay quiet after experiencing a harrowing dream only to wake up and discover an element of truth to their nightmare. How many mothers simply ‘knew’ when their child was in danger? Could it be that latent telepathic powers lie hidden in our genome, waiting for the key to expression?

I look forward to the day when the instruments of natural sciences become sensitive enough to prove the existence of such phenomenon. Until then, I will go on sending mental invitations to Henry Cavill (minus the lycra Superman costume) and keep my fingers crossed that my parents gifted me the genes for mind control.

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