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Can Human Consciousness Have a Direct Effect on Matter?

Are we just a few years away from proving that thoughts have a measurable force? We are all made up of chemicals that combine or degrade into other chemicals, releasing energy that keeps us warm and fuels our nervous system. Almost everyone on the planet would agree that premise is true. Physical systems are easy to prove, easy to measure and easy to predict. But what of the conscious and unconscious systems of the mind?

Human beings have three states of consciousness: awake, asleep and dreaming. Each of those states have corresponding and measurable brainwave patterns. Within each state, the frequencies of the brainwaves can alter by a predictable amount. For example, when you are spaced out watching something dull on the television, your brainwaves may be firing in the Alpha wave range of 7-12hz. You are awake, but a little like a zombie. When you switch off the TV and pick up a book to read, the chances are, your brain is experiencing Beta wave function of 12-40Hz. This is the common state for logical and conscious thoughts. Stimulants such as caffeine will typically increase the Beta wave activity.

When you are driving fast or calculating something tricky for you work, your mind notches up a gear into Gamma waves of 40-100Hz. This may sound like the best state to be in, but our high-octane lifestyles require Gamma states for prolonged periods of time, which can lead to anxiety and stress. There are other frequencies that our brains slip into, such as Theta waves, at 4-7Hz, associated with day dreaming and light sleep, and Delta waves at 0-4Hz during deep sleep.

The state that intrigues me the most is Alpha. The frequency range of our minds in this phase, happens to coincide with the resonant frequency of the Earth. Physicist, Winfried Otto Schumann, first predicted the global electromagnetic resonance of the Earth, in 1952. Enclosed between the Earth’s surface and the Ionosphere, is a standing wave with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. This low frequency oscillates at approximately 7.83Hz. What if when we slip into Alpha, we are at the exact frequency to tune into the pulse of Mother Earth?

I recently participated in an experiment that takes advantage of fundamental principles of quantum physics and the concept of non-locality. This concept makes use of the theory that particles can be linked, or entangled, regardless of the distance between them. The Institute for Noetic Studies, has an ongoing experiment that uses non-locality to explore the interactions between human intention and entangled light particles. In their laboratory, an automated system constantly fires entangled photons within a closed system. As quantum physicists will tell you, if this system is observed in anyway, the photons inside change their behaviour. This is taken from the Double-slit experiment. There are some brilliant YouTube videos on this subject to satisfy even the most inquisitive minds.

The IONS experiment, asks the participant to focus intention on a line graph and, with the power of thoughts alone, try to make the line move higher on the screen. This is repeated, with irregular rest periods scheduled over 20 minutes. The system is set up to allow multiple participants from across the globe to send intentions concurrently. Unfortunately, they do not inform you when others are logged in at the same time.

The thing I found most astounding, while I concentrated on the graph, was that the single plot point I trained all my thoughts on, moved higher when I wanted it to, not the entire line. If I swapped my attention to a different point, that one would rise higher. Ordinarily, I would dismiss this as a daft computer game, but when a bumblebee whacked itself against my patio window, and I completely lost my focus, the line began to fall.

Make of this what you will, but the data from the IONS team is hard to refute. These are respected, highly qualified scientists, with a strong desire to use empirical methodology to prove the power of the mind over matter. Who knows, in a couple of weeks, I might be able to influence the lottery balls. If you would like to participate in their study, the link is:

Sam Nash is the author of the sci-fi conspiracy thriller, The Aurora Mandate. Release date TBA. You can find her at or on or

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