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Is Human Evolution Experiencing a Quantum Leap?

Darwinian Theory has a plethora of supportive evidence, from fossils to changes in our DNA, but can the same be said for our minds?

Our understanding of the physical world, relies on what scientists tell us can be proven by rigorous testing procedures. Our reactions are tempered and adjusted according to our current notion of reality experienced by our senses. The problem with those methodologies is that we cannot calculate our feelings and emotions in terms of empirical measurements. We can map various parts of the brain and pinpoint regions related to biological processes, but science is still unable to locate a memory or a thought. We can see the physical effects of fear or sadness, but not measure the emotion itself.

Conscious Evolution, Sam Nash, The Aurora Mandate, blog post,

I’m sure that we have all had that peculiar and uncomfortable experience of being watched or stared at from behind. That cold shiver down the spine when you look up and catch the culprit mid gawp. How do traditional scientist explain that phenomenon? Is having ‘chemistry’ with a new-found partner or the skin crawling repulsion of that creepy bloke at the party, more than the minutiae of non-verbal cues and body language? Could it be that we really have a sixth sense, that lies in the complexities of the electromagnetic spectrum?

If we do indeed communicate through subtle wavelengths and frequencies, can our peaks and troughs of those waves synchronise to increase the overall magnitude of emotion? A few years ago, I stumbled across some videos explaining The Global Consciousness Study. It’s intriguing premise, aims to collect many years of data that could potentially support the notion that global events, both catastrophic and joyous, allow for synchronisation of feelings between millions of people across the world. It uses a series of random number generators, stationed in seventy-five countries around the globe, to feed back a continuous stream of chance data to the research scientists back in the U.S. (led by Roger Nelson). The data stream should remain statistically unchanged. After twenty-five years of study, a fascinating correlation emerged. On days when people around the world were overwhelmed with collective emotion, the random number generators skewed away from chance by a considerable amount. Events with the largest deviation so far, have coincided with the funeral of Princess Diana and the 9-11 attacks on Manhattan.

Are we evolving our thought patterns into a collective response, sharing grief and elation as heightened emotions? Is this a relatively new and unique response to the round-the-clock media outlets and our interactivity, or are we re-learning wisdom from our ancestors? Did the pharaohs use this collective worship to preserve kings entombed in the pyramids? Was Stonehenge created to focus our attention on the equinox, and if so, to what end? If we do have the power to alter our physical world with synchronised thoughts alone, shouldn’t we be focusing it on achieving peace? I, for one, believe it warrants further investigation. I just wish I could find a book I read twenty-five years ago, entitled Conscious Evolution, by Barbara Marx Hubbard. I’m convinced that book shaped my unconscious thoughts from that day on. Let us all train ourselves to strive for peace - it will cost nothing more than a moment's thought.

Sam Nash is the author of the sci-fi conspiracy thriller, The Aurora Mandate. Release date TBA. You can find her at or on Twitter @samnashauthor or

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