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5G - And Why We Should All Be Worried.

It is an attractive proposition.

Internet speeds up to twenty times faster than our current best services can offer. Mobile streaming in all areas of the developed world. A capacity revolution to herald a new generation of wearable smart tech. Our lives will be unrecognisable compared to that of just a few years ago, such is the transformative impact this new network will provide.

With a thousand times more traffic than 4G technology, we will see self-driving cars become a reality, rendering traffic jams delays and collisions a thing of the past. Pilot-less agricultural equipment will plough, sow and reap harvests continuously, night and day, entertainment will be truly portable, and limitless.

Who wouldn’t want such benefits and luxuries?

The future is exciting and the streams of new revenue that would open is phenomenal.

And therein lies the problem.

5G is big business. A global steamroller of untapped potential. No one wants to hear about the negatives. Studies highlighting the dangers are debunked as scaremongering, without acknowledging the scientific rigour of the experiments. Those who conduct the studies are quietly dismissed as cranks, and yet the science is sound.

4G technology uses 100MHz bandwidth, at a frequency of 2–8GHz. While this is fairly standard across Northern America and Europe, risks associated with living or working close to cell towers within this range of the electromagnetic spectrum is widely known, but often discounted as anecdotal. These are at the top end of the radio frequency range. You only have to use your mobile phone for a few minutes to feel the heating effects of those waves.

The problem is that safety standards are regulated and amended by those giant tech companies controlling and funding the telecommunication industry. These standards are regularly revised, to take into account new electronic devices ready for market. For example, parts of the body are zoned according to importance. The brain is considered important, but the ear is categorised as an extremity, therefore, they deem it permissible for the ear to be subjected to twice the damaging radiation levels as the brain. Their guidelines state, that providing the phone is one inch from the brain, it is perfectly safe to use. Recent amendments will go further. Now safety guidelines have classified our skin as an extremity, therefore rendering it safe to exceed former limits.

5G uses high frequency milli-microwaves, from the 3–30GHz range. This network requires a massive number of antennae, strapped to virtually every lamppost and building, since the powerful waves are so easily absorbed by living matter, ie us. It will be like having a saturated network of airport scanners running endlessly through yours and your children’s bodies.

Dr Devra Davis, PhD, MPH, President of the Environmental Health Trust, voices her concerns on a video from their website. She urges those in power to fund greater research into this potential problem before we are subjected to microwaves that can literally cook our skin.

Over 90% of microwave radiation is absorbed by the epidermis and dermal layers of human skin. In addition to this, our sweat ducts act like helical antennae, concentrating the microwaving effect. This range of frequencies are known to cause DNA strand degradation, oxidation of tissues, cell metabolism disruption, blood-brain barrier permeability dysfunction, melatonin disruption, glucose metabolism destabilisation and increased levels of stress proteins, leading to a further list of potentially life-threatening diseases.

In short, cooking humans is a spectacularly bad idea.

Just ask the US Military, with their Active Denial Systems. These shoot the exact same frequencies as 5G, but with ramped up power, in the form of a giant ray gun at protesters. This heats the skin in an instant. The pain receptors fire in surface layers, making the crowd run for their lives. During the testing of these weapons, one or two volunteers received significant skin burns, and yet it was still passed as completely safe for use. Why? Because the volunteers tripped over and fell while trying to flee, giving them greater exposure to the microwave emitter.

The dangers are real.

Without rigorous testing over a long period of time, no one can predict how we will be adversely affected by this new tech. If it was too dangerous to use this bandwidth before, why is it suddenly okay to use now?

The solution is simple.

Accept that there are limits to what made-made frequencies our bodies can take. Stop the proliferation of 5G saturation without our consent. Do like the wise governors of Hawaii, and prosecute every engineer who installs smart metres or 5G equipment leading to neighbourhood health issues.

The reality depressing.

With the tech and telecoms companies set to generate trillions of dollars from 5G, nothing will be done to prevent its use.

In fifty years time, when the documents are released, will we see the damning results of suppressed experiments? Will those in power finally admit to favouring financial incentives over population health? How many of us will have succumbed to the increasing numbers of cancer deaths?

Will any of us survive for long enough to sue them for wrongful and deliberate radiation exposure?

The time to act is now.

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