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Is Quantum String Theory Just Taoism Under a New Name?

It’s a theological conundrum. Send a bunch of scientists on a mission to discover the smallest blocks of life and they will tell you that it comprises of sub-atomic particles. What holds those sub-atomic particles together is a delicately balanced source of energies. What controls those energies?

No one knows.

It could be an intelligent design, or a completely random fluke. Others think that the basic organic molecules were seeded on the Earth’s surface by bombarding meteorites. The truth is that we are just as much in the dark about the basic structure of all living things as when Antonie van Leeuwenhoek first invented the single lens microscope.

Ask a classical physicist anything about the universe and all existence within it and he or she will give you a mechanistic or mathematical interpretation, incorporating all those variables and constants which can be measured. A quantum physicist will do almost the same thing, but they will concentrate on those infinitesimally small gluons and quarks and such, and tell you that it has everything to do with collapsing the wave function during observation.

But what about all the data which cannot be measured? What about the vast quantities of Dark Matter that escapes detection, or the propagation of human emotion to others around them? There are no sums that can correctly calculate the feeling of loss or love. No one can measure the collective energies released when groups of people come together to perform an act of altruism or a nation in shared grief. If Newton’s laws are to be believed, every action in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction, although his equations failed to incorporate us.

Are we not a part of the world in which we inhabit?

Professor John Hagelin lectures about his work on the Unified Field of consciousness. He takes the basic principles of Superstring Theory which sees the energies holding the sub-atomic particles together roiling like a hot sea, until bits pinch off and become loops of bubbles existing in ten dimensions of space and time. He maintains that everything is interconnected via this bubbling ocean of universal energy, which he calls the Unified Field. To gain access to this pure collection of life and thoughts and consciousness streams, all we need to do is to calm ourselves down in a transcendental state of meditation, to become one with the field.

Other scientists use different terms for a similar notion. Rupert Sheldrake calls it a Morphic Field. He suggests that this is how members of the same species can share collective data without inhabiting the same space or time on Earth. His most famous experiment involved presenting a new maze to lab rats and coordinating the test with other labs across the world. They found that as soon as one rat mastered the puzzle, all other rats across the globe did the same soon after, with no other way to communicate the solution.

Isn’t it just the case that these scientists are grasping at something that theologians on every continent have known for millennia?

The basic tenets of Taoism teaches that we are part of the whole universe and that we should not strive or resist, but flow with life and learn how to navigate the stream. That particular message was laid down some five thousand or more years ago.

Taoism isn’t the only religious doctrine to make a point of our interconnectivity. Spiritualism touches upon the same ideas, with their practitioners believing that they can communicate directly with those who have passed over into the afterlife. Could this be yet another interpretation of the Superstring ten dimensions of existence?

Even those who practise more formalised religions such as Catholicism, speak to their saints in prayer. Where could these immortal creatures possibly be, but in another dimension?

Scientists may not view the universal space-time continuum as a delineation between heaven and hell, but it would explain a great deal to those claiming to have witnessed a religious epiphany or angelic sighting. What if those bodies which can no longer sustain life in this world, liberate their consciousness and vibrate at a frequency that we can no longer detect with our senses? Instead of being truly dead, they might continue to exist on a parallel plane.

What if John Hagelin is right, and we do all possess the key to unlocking every sub-conscious mind that ever existed, allowing us to tap unlimited knowledge and creativity? With so many scientists working on a definitive answer, I don’t think it can be dismissed as bunkum anymore. It’s time to unify not just classic and quantum physics equations into one unsinkable mathematical solution, but to also include how life is essential for it to balance.

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