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Premade Book Covers

Find something you like? It's easy to make your order; simply click the button below to take you to the payment page. Use the form from the button to tell us the details needed to complete your order. Many thanks.

  • Premade eCover

    One premade ecover design
    • 3 Minor Adjustments - font, colours, etc
    • Files delivered in jpg and PDF format
    • Series expansion possible by negotiation
  • Ecover and paperback

    Premade ecover plus wrap paperback cover
    • 3 Minor Adjustments for free
was £150

If you'd prefer something specific, get in touch at

Custom designs start at £200 for the ebook cover, with a further £50 for the related paperback wrap cover. 

Found a cover you like?

Hello there! These premade covers are one of a kind, but if you’d like to make any of them part of a series, please do get in touch via the email address provided below.


Upon purchase, you will have the commercial rights to use the cover art for your book, but the copyright is retained with us. The cover will not be used or sold elsewhere and will be removed from the site once sold.


The ebook covers are 6x9” and 300dpi, but can be resized to other standard size requirements at no additional cost.


Should you require small adjustments, such as font, colour or other minor tweaks, please do let us know. You’ll have the opportunity to make three such minor adjustments without additional fees.


Further designs can be generated to accompany your ebook cover, with the following costs:


Paperback cover - £50 (Will require additional information such as page count of formatted book etc)


Audiobook cover - £50


Facebook banner - £30


Custom ebook designs are possible and begin at £200

(All fees and taxes are included in the purchase price. The regional price will be calculated at the time of purchase by the system based on the exchange rates on the day).


Please do get in touch via: and tell us what you’d like. We’ll generate an order and invoice for your tax records and begin the work as soon as possible, keeping you up to date with progress as we go along. Please try to give us as much time before your planned book launch as possible to avoid any disappointments.


Many thanks.

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