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MI6 called her a national threat…

Now they need her help.

A secret government experiment. A global terror plot. A pacifist ordered to kill… 

Shy lab tech, Mary, wants nothing more than to be happy with her neuroscientist husband.

But when his classified contracts make her question the motives behind their blissful marriage, her stable existence crumbles.

With uncontrolled psi activity erupting from her, she’s now on everyone’s radar.

Russian terrorists want her to infiltrate powerful US technology, threatening the lives of millions.

MI6 want to make her their asset, with devious intentions of their own.

Can Mary navigate the muddy waters of international espionage and prevent an earth-shattering catastrophe?

Will they succeed in weaponising her mind?

The Aurora Mandate is the first book in a series of political spy thrillers blended with sci-fi suspense.  If you like hard-hitting action with tight plots and fringe science, you’ll love this new take on female empowerment.

 Grab a copy now and immerse yourself in worldwide political intrigue, with a thought-provoking twist.

MI6 have her in their sights.
will they pull the trigger?

A new discovery. A threat to the nation. A decision to kill.

Mary is desperate and on the run.

Her new skill set is in great demand but by all the wrong people. Whatever she tries to do upsets one powerful group or another, leading them to make drastic decisions which threaten the lives of millions.

Injured, frightened, and suffering a catastrophic loss, Mary is trapped with few chances to flee.

Will she use her gifts to save those who have wronged her…

or let them die an agonising and pitiful death?

If you like fast action, twisting plots and heart wrenching hero journeys, you’ll love this second book in The Aurora Conspiracies series. Dive into your copy now.


Has Mary Met Her Match?

A new start. An old Adversary. An imminent threat.

Mary knows that she is different from others. Thanks to the internet, so does everyone else.

Caught between political crusaders and cult extremists, Mary faces the most gruelling challenge of her life.

Can she prevail against a stronger opponent in a battle of wills?

The future of western civilisation rests solely in her hands.

Grab a copy now and watch the sparks fly in the third book of The Aurora Conspiracies Series.


MI6 made a deal to cut him loose...

Now they want him back.

A physics defying gemstone. 
A catastrophic prediction. 
A man born of legend.

Dan Wildman is no stranger to corruption.

Some of the most ruthless international concerns have him on their radar.

They want two things from him; a trove of damning evidence, and a crystal that could catapult them into a new global role - the world's number one superpower.

Can Dan decode his grandfather's journals and find the leverage to protect those he loves?

Can his sister, Mary, keep the legacy safe from agents of the state, or will ministers shake the foundations of the British Isles, until tragedy strikes?


Grab the next book in the series, and follow Dan into the callous underbelly of worldwide espionage.

Are Dan and Mary Too Late?

A devastating prophecy.

A climatic meltdown.

A tortured soul.

Dan Wildman knows it's a long shot. Even with his sister's remarkable talents, the odds are against them.

Still, they must try.

Can Dan escape the clutches of brutal FSB agents and retrieve the elusive gemstone?

Will legal wranglings force the sale of their South African mine...


or will government ministers cause the collapse of global weather patterns in their search for the mineral?

Watch as temperatures rise in the fifth book of The Aurora Conspiracies Series.


The End is Nigh.


Global tensions are rising. The race for supremacy has begun.


Our two heroes have given all but their lives. Can they summon the strength and courage for the last hurdle?


Caught between the lords of Westminster and a powerful Russian alliance, Dan and Mary have just one chance to foil them all and stop a world war.


Two factors are all it takes to rule every nation; an energy multiplying crystal and the designs to turn it into a superweapon.


Will Mary sacrifice everything to defeat an old enemy and pave the way for peace?


This dramatic conclusion to their epic journey will have you biting your nails until the last page.


Grab your copy of this heart-rending and intense scifi-spy thriller series and prepare yourself for an emotional ride.

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