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Microwaved Children

Having recently received the diagnosis of a defective thyroid gland, I am reminded of an article I read regarding the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the endocrine system. For nigh on twenty years, I worked in an IT suite saturated with electromagnetic forces. Suspended ceilings could barely retain the weight of cables above my head, the trunking bulged around the walls, and my airspace buzzed with Wi-Fi capabilities, maxed out to enable a network of PCs and laptops.

Each year, I retained more water and weight, grew more exhausted, lost more hair, endured chronic headaches and severe stomach pains. Doctors blamed stress, which no doubt was a crippling factor, but my blood work tells a different story. Plug electromagnetism and the endocrine system into Google and it will deliver countless studies proving the negative effects of Wi-Fi networks, mobile phone masts and the frightening new proposition of Fifth Generation technology.

This should not come as a surprise, since most of nature relies on minute changes in the electromagnetic spectrum, from bees finding their way back to hives to migrating birds. Start flooding the airwaves with man-made frequencies and it is bound to screw with a few systems.

The most worrying factor about this entire revelation is that Thyroxin is but one chemical in a cascading chain of complex hormonal control. Knock one concentration off kilter and several other body systems fail as a result. It has taken many years of complaining and multiple symptoms, from the mildly irritating to the most debilitating, to get to the bottom of my ailments. It could take years of medication to get back to full health.

How many more people are working in similar environments, getting sicker by the day? What kind of endocrine catastrophe are we storing up for ourselves in the future? Shouldn’t we be campaigning for an alternative approach to wireless technology rather than increasing the bandwidth until we are practically microwaving each other just to send a text?

The only people who benefit from the expansion of our telecommunications networks are those moguls who own them. What is the cost of our perpetual addiction to technology? Our own and our children’s health.

Bravo to those governing the state of Hawaii. They have passed a law which holds engineers personally accountable for health issues arising from smart meter installations and Fifth Generation phone masts. I believe that they should go further, and make telecommunications companies liable for all medical costs and lost earnings, plus compensation for the personal suffering.

Sadly though, obtaining verifiable proof of culpability is down to ‘safe limits’, which are set and reviewed by the very same telecommunications companies who put us in harm’s way. How many more years will we be irradiated before they are challenged for their practices?

Sam Nash is the author of The Aurora Conspiracies Series. The third book is now available for pre-order from Amazon:

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